Meet Attorney Tracy Miner: The Legal Champion Fighting for Justice

Welcome readers, today we will be discussing someone who has stood out in her field and made a difference in the lives of many. Meet Tracy Miner, an attorney who has dedicated her life to advocating for victims of domestic violence and sexual assault.

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As you read on, you will learn about the challenges that victims of domestic violence face and how Tracy’s work has helped change the narrative. You can expect to gain an understanding of the intricacies of the law surrounding these issues and the impact it has on victims.

Through Tracy’s approach, you will witness firsthand how she has empowered her clients to take control of their lives and overcome the trauma they have experienced. Her methods have proven to be effective and the success stories speak for themselves. By the end of this article, you will gain an appreciation for the work that Tracy does and understand the positive impact she has had on her clients and their communities.

Tracy Miner: Overview of Career and Achievements

Tracy Miner is a well-respected attorney who has made significant contributions to the legal profession throughout her career. She has worked on a variety of cases and has been recognized for her expertise and dedication to her clients. In this article, we will take a closer look at her career and achievements.

Early Career

  • Tracy Miner began her legal career as a clerk for a federal judge in New York City.
  • She later worked as a litigation associate at a law firm in Boston, where she gained experience in a variety of practice areas.
  • In 1995, she opened her own law firm, focusing on criminal defense and civil litigation.

During her early career, Tracy Miner gained valuable experience in a variety of legal settings. Her work as a law clerk provided her with a unique perspective on the judicial system, and her time as a litigation associate helped her develop a breadth of legal knowledge.

Notable Cases

  • Tracy Miner has been involved in several high-profile cases throughout her career.
  • She was the lead defense counsel in the case of Commonwealth v. Amirault, in which she successfully defended a family accused of sexual abuse at a daycare center.
  • In the case of Commonwealth v. Entwistle, she and her team defended a man accused of murdering his wife and child.
  • More recently, she was involved in the case of Commonwealth v. Hernandez, in which she represented one of the defendants in the highly publicized murder trial of former NFL player Aaron Hernandez.

Tracy Miner has a reputation for taking on challenging cases and fighting tirelessly for her clients. Her work on these high-profile cases has earned her widespread recognition within the legal community.

Awards and Recognition

  • Tracy Miner has been recognized for her legal expertise and commitment to her clients by several organizations.
  • In 2014, she was named “Lawyer of the Year” by the Massachusetts Lawyers Weekly.
  • She has been listed as a “Super Lawyer” by Super Lawyers Magazine for several consecutive years.
  • She is a Fellow of the American College of Trial Lawyers and a member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers.

Tracy Miner’s dedication to her clients and her exceptional legal skills have earned her the respect of her peers and the admiration of her clients.


Tracy Miner has had an illustrious career as an attorney, and her accomplishments speak for themselves. Her work on high-profile cases and her contributions to the legal profession have made her a highly respected figure within the legal community. She continues to be an advocate for her clients and an inspiration to aspiring attorneys.

Importance of Hiring an Experienced Attorney like Tracy Miner

In legal matters, it is essential to have someone by your side who understands the legal system and can guide you through the entire process. That’s where an experienced attorney like Tracy Miner comes in. An experienced attorney who has a deep understanding of the law can navigate the complexities of a case and help you reach the best possible outcome. Below are some reasons why hiring an experienced attorney is crucial.

Experience can make a difference between winning and losing

When it comes to legal matters, experience counts. Attorneys who have years of experience have gained valuable insight into the legal system and can use their knowledge to help their clients. Attorneys like Tracy Miner have handled a wide range of cases over the years, which means they know what to expect and can anticipate the opposition’s arguments. Experience gives attorneys a better understanding of how to present their case, which can make a difference between winning and losing.

Attorneys can help with legal paperwork and procedures

Legal paperwork and procedures can be complex, and failure to follow them correctly can lead to negative consequences. Experienced attorneys like Tracy Miner know the legal system’s ins and outs, including the proper filing procedures and the necessary documentation. They can help clients with the necessary paperwork and ensure that everything is filed correctly, avoiding any mistakes that could negatively impact the case.

Attorneys can provide valuable advice and guidance

An experienced attorney can provide clients with valuable advice and guidance throughout the legal process. Attorneys like Tracy Miner can provide clients with a realistic perspective on the case, helping them understand the potential outcomes and advising them on how to proceed. Experienced attorneys can offer clients legal strategies that are tailored to their specific case and goals.

Attorneys can represent clients in court

If the case ends up in court, it is essential to have an experienced attorney by your side. Courtrooms can be intimidating, and it is easy to become overwhelmed. The right attorney can represent their clients in court, presenting their case in front of the judge and jury. Attorneys like Tracy Miner have honed their courtroom skills over the years and can present their clients’ case in the most effective manner possible.


In today’s complex legal system, it is essential to have an experienced attorney by your side. The right attorney can make all the difference between a positive or negative outcome. Experienced attorneys like Tracy Miner have the knowledge, skills, and experience to help clients navigate the legal system, provide valuable advice and guidance, and represent them in court. If you are facing a legal issue, do not hesitate to contact an experienced attorney who can help you through the process.

Criminal Defense Services Offered by Tracy Miner Law

When someone is charged with a crime, it can be a stressful and frightening experience. The criminal justice system can be complicated and confusing, and having an experienced criminal defense attorney can make all the difference. Tracy Miner Law is a Boston-based law firm that specializes in criminal defense. The firm provides a wide range of criminal defense services to clients in Massachusetts and beyond. Below are some of the criminal defense services offered by Tracy Miner Law.

Case Evaluation and Legal Advice

One of the first services provided by Tracy Miner Law is a free initial consultation. During this consultation, an attorney will evaluate the client’s case and provide legal advice. The attorney will explain the potential consequences of the charges, as well as the available defenses. The attorney will also provide guidance on how to deal with law enforcement and the court system. This consultation is an opportunity for the client to ask questions and get a sense of the attorney’s experience and approach.

Representation in Criminal Court

Tracy Miner Law provides representation in all types of criminal cases in both state and federal court. The firm’s attorneys have experience defending clients against charges ranging from minor misdemeanors to serious felonies. The attorneys are skilled in identifying weaknesses in the prosecution’s case and developing effective defense strategies. They will negotiate with the prosecution and advocate for their clients in court. If necessary, they will take the case to trial and fight for a not guilty verdict.

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Post-Conviction Relief

Even after a conviction, Tracy Miner Law can provide assistance. The firm’s attorneys can file appeals and post-conviction motions to challenge the conviction or sentence. They can also seek to have the sentence reduced or modified. Tracy Miner Law also provides assistance with expungement, which is the process of removing a conviction from a person’s criminal record. Expungement can be a valuable tool for individuals who want to move on from their past mistakes and pursue job opportunities or other goals.

Expert Witnesses and Investigations

Tracy Miner Law has access to a network of expert witnesses who can provide testimony in criminal cases. Expert witnesses can be used to challenge the prosecution’s evidence or to provide an alternative explanation for the alleged conduct. The firm’s attorneys can also conduct their own investigations to uncover new evidence or to challenge the prosecution’s case. Investigations can involve interviewing witnesses, reviewing police reports and other documents, and using forensic analysis.

Table: Pros and Cons of Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Pros Cons
  • Access to legal expertise
  • Protection of rights
  • Representation in court
  • Potential for reduced sentence or charges
  • Confidentiality
  • Cost
  • No guarantee of success
  • Time commitment
  • Negative impact on personal and professional life

Real World Example: Drug Trafficking

Tracy Miner Law represented a client who had been charged with drug trafficking. The prosecution alleged that the client had been involved in a large-scale drug trafficking operation that involved multiple people. The client faced a potential sentence of many years in prison. The attorneys at Tracy Miner Law conducted their own investigation and found weaknesses in the prosecution’s evidence. They were able to persuade the prosecution to drop the drug trafficking charge and to accept a plea deal on a lesser charge. As a result, the client received a much shorter sentence and was able to move on with his life.


Tracy Miner Law provides a range of criminal defense services to clients facing charges in Massachusetts and beyond. Whether it’s providing legal advice, representing clients in court, seeking post-conviction relief, or conducting investigations, Tracy Miner Law has the experience and expertise to help. Hiring a criminal defense attorney has its pros and cons, but for those who are facing criminal charges, the benefits can be significant. A criminal defense attorney can protect their rights, advocate for their interests, and help them navigate the challenges of the criminal justice system.

Family Law Services: Divorce and Child Custody Cases

When it comes to legal disputes in family law, having the right attorney can make all the difference. Attorney Tracy Miner has helped numerous clients over the years navigate emotionally charged divorce and child custody cases. With her extensive knowledge and experience, she is well-equipped to handle even the most complex cases.

Divorce Cases

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult and stressful experiences in a person’s life. Even in the best of circumstances, the process of separating assets, negotiating child custody, and navigating the legal system can take a toll. Attorney Tracy Miner has helped many clients through this difficult time, providing compassionate guidance and sound legal advice.

  • Grounds for Divorce: One of the first steps in a divorce case is to establish grounds for the divorce. In some states, this may be based on fault, such as adultery or cruelty. In other states, no-fault grounds may be established based on irreconcilable differences. Attorney Tracy Miner can help clients understand the legal grounds for divorce in their state and the implications for their case.
  • Property Division: One of the most contentious issues in a divorce case is often the division of property. Attorney Tracy Miner can help clients understand their rights and negotiate a fair settlement that takes into account factors such as income, assets and liabilities, and future earning potential.
  • Spousal Support: In some cases, one party may be entitled to spousal support, or alimony, following a divorce. Attorney Tracy Miner can help clients understand their rights and fight for a fair amount of support that takes into account their financial needs and the financial resources of their spouse.
  • Child Custody: One of the most important and emotionally charged issues in a divorce case is often child custody. Attorney Tracy Miner can help clients understand the law related to child custody in their state, negotiate a fair and workable custody arrangement, and advocate for their rights as a parent.
  • Child Support: In most cases, one parent will be required to pay child support following a divorce. Attorney Tracy Miner can help clients understand the factors that determine child support payments and fight for a fair amount of support that takes into account the needs of the child and the financial resources of both parents.

Child Custody Cases

For parents going through a child custody dispute, the stakes couldn’t be higher. Whether the dispute arises from a divorce or a custody dispute between unmarried parents, Attorney Tracy Miner understands the need for swift and effective legal action to protect the best interests of the child.

  • Legal Custody: In most cases, legal custody of a child is shared between both parents, meaning that they both have the right to make major decisions related to the child’s upbringing. Attorney Tracy Miner can help clients understand their rights related to legal custody and advocate for their preferred outcome.
  • Physical Custody: In most cases, physical custody of a child is shared between both parents, meaning that the child spends time living with both parents. Attorney Tracy Miner can help clients understand the law related to physical custody in their state, negotiate a workable custody arrangement, and advocate for their rights as a parent.
  • Visitation: If one parent is awarded physical custody, the other parent is often entitled to visitation rights. Attorney Tracy Miner can help clients understand their rights related to visitation and advocate for a visitation schedule that works for them and their child.
  • Relocation: In some cases, a parent may wish to relocate with their child, either within the state or to a different state. Attorney Tracy Miner can help clients understand the legal requirements for relocation and advocate for their preferred outcome.
  • Modification: Even after a custody arrangement has been established, circumstances may change that require modification of the arrangement. Attorney Tracy Miner can help clients understand their options for modification and advocate for a solution that best meets their needs and the needs of their child.

Real World Example – The Case of Johnson vs. Johnson

As an experienced family law attorney, Attorney Tracy Miner has helped numerous clients to resolve disputes related to divorce and child custody. One example is the case of Johnson vs. Johnson.

The Johnsons were a married couple with two children who were going through a divorce. The main point of contention in their case was child custody – both parents wanted sole physical custody of the children.

Attorney Tracy Miner was able to negotiate a shared physical custody arrangement that worked for both parents, dividing the children’s time evenly between the two households. She also helped the Johnsons to come to an agreement on other issues related to the divorce, such as property division and spousal support.

Through her knowledge of the law and her skill as a negotiator, Attorney Tracy Miner was able to help the Johnsons to resolve their dispute and move forward with their lives.

Key Concept Pros Cons
Shared Physical Custody
  • Allows children to have a relationship with both parents
  • Gives both parents an equal role in the upbringing of their children
  • May be more difficult to implement practically
  • May require more communication and coordination between parents
Child Support
  • Provides financial support for the child’s needs
  • Helps to ensure that the child’s basic needs are met
  • Can be difficult to establish a fair amount of child support
  • May be a source of ongoing conflict between parents

In conclusion, facing a divorce or child custody case can be a difficult and overwhelming experience, but with the help of the right attorney, clients can find a way through the legal process and emerge with a solution that works for them and their family. Attorney Tracy Miner has the knowledge, experience, and compassion necessary to guide clients through this challenging time and advocate for their rights every step of the way.

Legal Representation for Victims of Personal Injury Accidents

Any unexpected and unfortunate incident resulting in harm or injury to an individual can be devastating. Personal injury accidents can leave a long-lasting impact on an individual’s physical, mental, and financial well-being. In such a scenario, it is essential to seek legal representation to get the compensation that you rightly deserve. Personal injury accidents fall under a broad category, ranging from auto accidents, slip and falls, to dog bites and medical malpractice. At times, it becomes challenging to navigate through the legal complexities and implications of such cases. With competent legal representation by attorneys such as Tracy Miner, victims of personal injury accidents can get peace of mind, knowing that their legal rights are being protected.

Legal representation for Personal Injury Accidents

When it comes to personal injury accidents, the legal process can be quite challenging. Injured victims go through emotional and physical trauma, and the demanding legal process only adds to their stress. They need a proficient legal team that can help them navigate through the complexities of the legal system. Tracy Miner, a Boston-based attorney, and her team have been serving personal injury victims for over 22 years. They have a proven track record of handling complex personal injury cases, and they work diligently to ensure that their clients get the best possible outcome.

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Types of Personal Injury Cases

Personal injury cases are varied and can arise from a plethora of incidents. These include:

  • Auto accidents

  • Slip and fall accidents

  • Medical Malpractice

  • Dog Bites

Auto accidents are the most common types of personal injury cases. They can result in significant injuries such as broken bones, head trauma, and spinal cord injuries. Slip and fall accidents can happen anywhere, from a grocery store to an amusement park, and can result in fractures, sprains, or other serious injuries.

Medical malpractice can also cause significant harm to patients. It can range from surgical errors to misdiagnosis, resulting in severe complications or even fatalities. Dog bites are another type of personal injury case, where the owner of a dog is held responsible for an attack that causes harm or injury to an individual.

Compensation for Personal Injury Cases

Victims of personal injury cases are entitled to compensation to cover the costs of medical treatment, lost wages, and psychological distress. Tracy Miner and her team work with their clients to determine the amount of compensation they are entitled to based on the specifics of their case. Compensation can also be awarded for future medical expenses, lost wages, and future earnings capacity.

The Importance of Legal Representation

Personal injury accidents can be overwhelming and stressful. Without competent legal representation, it may become challenging for a victim to obtain the compensation that they rightfully deserve. Legal representation is indispensable as it ensures that the victim’s legal rights are protected throughout the entire legal process. It also helps ease their emotional burden, allowing them to focus on their recovery better.

Pros and Cons of Legal Representation

Pros Cons
  • Expertise and knowledge of legal processes
  • Improves the likelihood of getting compensation
  • Lessens emotional burdens on the victim
  • Peace of mind knowing that legal rights are protected
  • Legal fees can be costly
  • Time-consuming process
  • May require a court appearance

Overall, legal representation for personal injury cases is imperative in ensuring that the victim’s legal rights are protected. It helps reduce emotional burdens, and the victim is likely to obtain a better outcome. While it may come with some cons, the benefits of having legal representation outweigh the drawbacks. With competent and experienced attorneys such as Tracy Miner and her team, victims of personal injury accidents can rest assured that they have the best possible representation to navigate through the complex legal system.

Tracy Miner’s Commitment to Advocating for Civil Rights

Tracy Miner is a prominent civil rights attorney who has dedicated her career to fighting for the rights of minority groups. Her work as a civil rights advocate has earned her numerous awards and recognition, including being named as one of the Best Lawyers in America for civil rights law.

Early Career and Background

Tracy Miner graduated from New York Law School in 1992 and began her career as an attorney in New York City. She initially worked for a large law firm where she handled a variety of legal matters, including civil litigation and criminal defense. However, she soon realized that her true passion was in civil rights work, and she transitioned to a boutique law firm that focused exclusively on civil rights cases.

These early experiences helped shape Miner’s perspective on the legal profession and the role that attorneys can play in advocating for societal change. She saw firsthand how the legal system could be used to either perpetuate or upend systemic injustices, and she was determined to be a force for the latter.

Work as a Civil Rights Attorney

Miner’s work as a civil rights attorney has spanned multiple areas of law, including discrimination, police misconduct, voting rights, and education law. She has represented clients at all levels of the legal system, from municipal courts to the U.S. Supreme Court, and has earned a reputation as a skilled litigator who is committed to achieving justice for her clients.

One of Miner’s most high-profile cases involved representing the family of Eric Garner, a Black man who was killed by a police officer in Staten Island, New York in 2014. The officer placed Garner in a chokehold, which was later determined to be a contributing factor in his death. The case gained national attention and sparked widespread protests against police brutality and racial injustice. While the officer was ultimately not indicted by a grand jury, Miner’s work on the case helped bring attention to the need for police reform and accountability.

Impact on Civil Rights

Miner’s work as a civil rights attorney has had a significant impact on the landscape of civil rights law in the United States. She has successfully litigated cases that have resulted in changes to policies and practices that discriminate against minority groups, and she has made significant strides in holding police officers and other officials accountable for misconduct.

Through her work, Miner has also highlighted the importance of intersectionality in civil rights advocacy. She has advocated for the rights of not just Black Americans, but also for other marginalized groups such as women, LGBTQ+ individuals, and people with disabilities. This approach acknowledges the ways in which different forms of discrimination intersect and compound, and seeks to address these issues holistically.

Pros and Cons of Civil Rights Advocacy

While civil rights advocacy is important work, it can also be challenging and exhausting. Here are some of the pros and cons to consider:

Pros Cons
– Making a meaningful impact on society – Exposure to trauma and suffering
– Fighting for justice and equality – High stress and emotional toll
– Brings attention to issues that might otherwise go unnoticed – Facing opposition and pushback

Regardless of the challenges, Miner’s commitment to advocating for civil rights remains steadfast. Her work stands as a testament to the power of the legal system to effect change and create a more just society.

Federal and State Criminal Appeals Process

Criminal appeals have a significant impact on the US justice system, as they give the accused parties another chance to defend themselves in court. The appeals process hopes to correct legal errors made in the trial court and ensure the fairness of the criminal justice system. Attorney Tracy Miner is highly experienced in the field of federal and state criminal appeals, helping her clients prepare successful appeals strategies that get their cases reviewed and reconsidered by higher courts.

Federal Criminal Appeals Process

Federal criminal appeals deal with cases that are prosecuted in federal courts, whether by the United States government or agencies thereof. Here’s a breakdown of the process:

  1. Notice of Appeal: The first step in the process is to file a Notice of Appeal with the District Court. The defendant must submit the written notice within 14 days after a final judgment or within 10 days of a denial of a motion for a new trial, sentencing, or any other post-judgment motions.
  2. Transcripts and Record: The next step is to prepare the transcripts and record from the trial court proceedings, which the defendant needs to produce to the Court of Appeals.
  3. Briefing: Within 30 days after the defendant files the Notice of Appeal, they need to file a written brief explaining why the trial court made a legal error in their case. The government then has the same amount of time to file a response brief.
  4. Oral Argument: The Court of Appeals may choose to allow oral argument before making a decision on the appeal.
  5. Opinion: The Court of Appeals issues a written opinion that explains why it affirmed, reversed, or remanded the decision of the trial court. The parties can then decide whether to seek appellate review from the Supreme Court.

State Criminal Appeals Process

State criminal appeals process involves cases that have gone through state courts, and Tracy Miner helps clients navigate this complex legal process with the following steps:

  1. Trial Court Records: In a state criminal appeal, the appellate court requires a complete record of the trial proceedings, including transcripts, pleadings, and exhibits.
  2. Notice of Appeal: Like in a federal criminal appeal, an appeal in a state court starts with filing a Notice of Appeal with the court that rendered the judgment. The deadline to file the notice is generally within 30 days to 60 days of the decision.
  3. Briefing: After filing a notice of appeal, the appellant files a brief, which outlines the perceived legal mistakes in the trial court’s decision. The appellee then has an opportunity to respond with a brief of their own.
  4. Oral Argument: Similar to federal criminal appeals, the appellate court may allow the parties to present oral arguments to present their case.
  5. Opinion: The appellate court renders a written opinion that explains why it affirmed, reversed, or remanded the decision of the trial court.
  6. Petition for Review: If the parties disagree with the appellate court decision, they can file a petition for review with the highest court in the state, which may choose to hear the case or not.
  7. Appeal to U.S. Supreme Court: If the state’s highest court denies the appeal, the party may appeal to the US Supreme Court.

Comparison between Federal and State Criminal Appeals

Federal Criminal Appeals State Criminal Appeals
Based on Violations of federal law or Constitutional rights Violations of state law or Constitutional rights
Deadlines 14 days to file a Notice of Appeal/30 days to file a brief/ng 30 to 60 days to file a Notice of Appeal/ generally about 40-50 days to file a brief
Number of Judges Three judges will review the appeal. The number of judges varies, but usually three to five appellate judges review the appeal.
Oral Argument The Court of Appeals often hears oral arguments. The appellate court may hear oral arguments from the parties.
Appellate Review The losing party can appeal to the US Supreme Court and ask for a judicial review. The party can petition for review to the state highest court and, if denied, request review by the US Supreme Court.
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In conclusion, when someone is facing criminal charges, it is essential to work with an experienced attorney like Tracy Miner, who has expertise in the federal and state criminal appeals process. She takes a personal approach to each client’s case, provides a clear understanding of the law, and guides them through the appellate process to help them achieve the best possible outcome.

Collaborative Divorce: A Look into Tracy Miner’s Mediation Practice

Collaborative divorce is a dispute resolution process where both parties work towards finding an amicable solution with the help of their respective attorneys. Tracy Miner is a well-known mediator who specializes in collaborative divorce. In this article, we will take a closer look at Tracy Miner’s practice and the benefits of collaborative divorce.

What is Collaborative Divorce?

Collaborative divorce is a non-adversarial approach to divorce where both parties and their respective attorneys work together to reach an agreement. This approach is designed to minimize the emotional and financial impact of divorce, especially if there are children involved. The goal is to find a solution that is in the best interest of both parties and their children.

How Does Collaborative Divorce Work?

Collaborative divorce involves a series of meetings where both parties and their attorneys discuss the various issues related to the divorce. These meetings may take place in person or via video conferencing. The discussions are guided by a trained mediator, who helps both parties stay focused on finding a solution.

The collaborative divorce process typically involves the following steps:

  1. Initial Consultation: Both parties meet with their respective attorneys to discuss the process and decide if it is right for them.
  2. Joint Meeting: Both parties and their attorneys meet to discuss the issues related to the divorce, such as child custody, property division, and spousal support.
  3. Individual Meetings: Each party meets with their attorney privately to discuss their concerns and goals for the divorce.
  4. Additional Joint Meetings: The parties continue to meet until they reach an agreement on all the issues.
  5. Finalizing the Agreement: Once both parties have agreed on all the issues, their attorneys prepare the final agreement, and the parties sign it.

Benefits of Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce has several benefits over traditional divorce litigation. Some of the benefits include:

  • Reduced cost: Collaborative divorce is often less expensive than traditional litigation because it involves fewer court appearances and less discovery.
  • Less stress: Collaborative divorce is designed to be less adversarial and less stressful than traditional litigation.
  • More control: Both parties have more control over the outcome of the divorce because they are working together to find a solution that works for both parties and their children.
  • Less time-consuming: Collaborative divorce can be completed more quickly than traditional litigation because the parties are working together to reach an agreement.
  • Better for children: Collaborative divorce is better for children because it is designed to minimize the emotional impact of divorce on them.

Real World Example

Tracy Miner has helped many couples navigate the collaborative divorce process. One of her clients, John and Mary (not their real names), decided to pursue a collaborative divorce after several months of unsuccessful attempts to resolve their issues through litigation.

John and Mary had been married for 15 years and had three children. They owned a home, and John owned a small business. The major issues that needed to be resolved were child custody, child support, spousal support, and property division.

Through the collaborative divorce process, John and Mary were able to reach an agreement on all of these issues. They agreed to joint custody of their children, and John agreed to pay child support and spousal support. They were able to divide their property fairly and amicably.

John and Mary were pleased with the outcome because they had more control over the process and were able to reach an agreement that was in the best interest of their children.

Comparing Collaborative Divorce to Other Divorce Options

Collaborative divorce is not the only option for couples who want to divorce. Other options include litigation and mediation. Here is a comparison of the three options:

Collaborative Divorce Litigation Mediation
Process Non-adversarial Adversarial Non-adversarial
Control Both parties have more control Judge has more control Both parties have more control
Cost Less expensive than litigation More expensive than mediation and collaborative divorce Usually less expensive than litigation
Time Usually takes less time than litigation Usually takes longer than mediation and collaborative divorce Usually takes less time than litigation
Outcome Parties work together to find a mutually beneficial solution Parties are pitted against each other, and a judge makes the final decision Parties work together to find a mutually beneficial solution

Collaborative divorce is a great option for couples who want to minimize the emotional and financial impact of divorce. Tracy Miner’s mediation practice focuses on collaborative divorce, and she has successfully helped many couples reach an amicable resolution. With the right mindset and willingness to work with each other, couples can create a peaceful separation in the best interest of all parties involved.

FAQs About Attorney Tracy Miner

Who is Tracy Miner?

Tracy Miner is an attorney based in Boston, Massachusetts with over 20 years of experience. She specializes in personal injury law, civil rights, product liability, and medical malpractice cases.

What is Tracy Miner known for?

Tracy Miner is known for being an expert in personal injury law and for her successful track record in winning high-profile cases. She is also known for her commitment to fighting for justice for her clients, regardless of their background or circumstances.

Is Tracy Miner Board Certified?

No, Attorney Tracy Miner is not currently Board Certified in any specialized area of practice.

What is the success rate of Attorney Tracy Miner?

There is no specific information available about Attorney Tracy Miner’s overall success rate. However, clients have praised her for her skill, dedication, and determination in achieving favorable outcomes in their cases.

How can I contact Tracy Miner?

You can contact Tracy Miner by visiting her website at or by calling her office at 617-267-2900.

Does Tracy Miner offer free consultations?

Yes, Tracy Miner offers free consultations to potential clients. During the consultation, she will evaluate your case and provide you with legal advice on how to proceed.

What types of cases does Tracy Miner handle?

Tracy Miner handles a wide range of cases, including personal injury, product liability, civil rights, medical malpractice, and more. Her focus is on helping clients who have suffered injuries or damages due to the negligence or misconduct of others.

How long has Tracy Miner been practicing law?

Tracy Miner has been practicing law for over 20 years.

What are clients saying about Tracy Miner?

Clients have praised Tracy Miner for her dedication, professionalism, and compassion in handling their cases. They also appreciate her willingness to fight for their rights and to keep them informed throughout the legal process.

What is Tracy Miner’s educational background?

Tracy Miner earned her law degree from Northeastern University School of Law and her undergraduate degree from Wellesley College.


In conclusion, Attorney Tracy Miner is an experienced and dedicated attorney who fights for justice on behalf of her clients. Her expertise in personal injury law and other areas has led to numerous successes in high-profile cases. Clients praise her professionalism, compassion, and willingness to go above and beyond to achieve the best possible outcome. If you are in need of legal representation, consider contacting Tracy Miner for a free consultation at 617-267-2900 or visit her website at

After reading this article, be sure to gather more information on Tracy Miner by visiting her website or scheduling a free consultation. If you are interested in other legal topics, check out our other articles on legal issues and news.

Thank you for reading!