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Greetings to all who are facing the challenging period of divorce. This article is for those who are residing in Franklin, Tennessee, and need guidance to overcome the legal complexities during a divorce procedure. It is not just a legal separation, but a complex issue that involves emotional, financial, and mental impact on everyone involved, especially on children. Therefore, in this article, we are going to discuss the solution to your divorce-related problems by inviting you to the world of the best divorce attorney Franklin TN.

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After reading this article, you will have a better understanding of what to expect from the legal system of Tennessee and how to navigate it successfully. You will learn about the types of divorce proceedings available and which option suits your situation the best. Furthermore, you will be introduced to the best law firms and professionals available in Franklin, TN, and how to choose the right ones. We will also guide you on how to select a lawyer who will not only fight for your rights but also assist you throughout the legal process, including mediation, arbitration, and negotiation.

You need not worry about making any hasty decisions or blindly trusting any attorney for your divorce issues. Our solution will enable you to get a clear idea about the legal proceedings, and you will get a chance to connect with reliable professionals who have helped many clients before. Rest assured that the solution we will present here is tried and proven, and you can start your journey towards a safer and happier tomorrow by following our guidelines.

Reasons to hire a divorce attorney in Franklin TN

Divorce can be one of the most challenging experiences of a person’s life. It brings a significant emotional burden, financial issues, and potential legal consequences. A divorce attorney can help you navigate this difficult process by providing legal expertise on a range of issues. In this section, we will discuss the main reasons to hire a divorce attorney in Franklin, TN.

Legal Expertise

Divorce law is complex and can vary from state to state, making it challenging for individuals to navigate. Hiring a divorce attorney in Franklin TN can help you understand the laws governing divorce in Tennessee and ensure that all legal processes are taken care of correctly. An experienced divorce attorney can advise you on various legal matters, such as:

  1. Grounds for divorce
  2. Distribution of property and assets
  3. Child custody and support
  4. Spousal support
  5. Mediation or Litigation
Pros Cons
  • Expert knowledge of divorce laws and procedures
  • Familiarity with Franklin TN court system
  • Legal guidance throughout the entire divorce process
  • Costly fees and retainer
  • Can prolong the divorce process
  • May increase conflict between spouses

For example, in Tennessee, grounds for divorce can be no-fault or fault-based. A no-fault divorce can be granted if both parties agree that irreconcilable differences have arisen and there is no hope for reconciliation. A fault-based divorce can be granted when one spouse can prove that the other party has committed adultery, abandonment, or has been guilty of cruel and inhuman treatment. A divorce attorney can help you determine the best grounds for a divorce based on your individual circumstances and requirements.

Another area that an experienced divorce attorney can help you with is the distribution of property and assets. Tennessee is an equitable distribution state, which means that all property and assets accrued during the marriage should be divided equitably but not necessarily equally. An attorney can assist you in identifying and valuing all property and assets to ensure you receive your fair share.

Child custody and support are also significant concerns during any divorce. A divorce lawyer can help you understand the legal standard for determining custody and child support based on the best interests of the child. They can also provide guidance on developing a parenting plan that works for all parties involved.

Finally, when it comes to spousal support, a divorce attorney can ensure that you receive all that you are entitled to under the law. They can determine the amount and duration of spousal support you are eligible for based on factors like the length of marriage, earning capacity of each spouse, and non-monetary contributions to the household.

In conclusion, hiring a divorce attorney in Franklin, TN, can provide you with the expertise and guidance needed to navigate the legal complexities of a divorce. They can help you make informed decisions that will help you achieve the desired outcome in the divorce settlement process. While the cost may be high, the benefits of having a competent divorce attorney far outweigh the costs in the long run.

Understanding Tennessee Divorce Laws

If you are going through a divorce in Franklin, TN, it is essential to understand the laws that govern divorce proceedings to avoid making costly mistakes. Tennessee laws are intended to protect the interests of both spouses and ensure a just and equitable resolution of divorce cases. This article outlines the key provisions of Tennessee divorce laws and what you should know when filing for divorce in Franklin, TN.

Grounds for Divorce in Tennessee

Before filing for divorce in Tennessee, you must establish a valid reason, or “grounds,” for the divorce. Tennessee recognizes both fault and no-fault grounds for divorce. Fault-based grounds include adultery, desertion, cruelty, and conviction of a felony. No-fault grounds refer to “irreconcilable differences” that have resulted in the irretrievable breakdown of the marriage.

Tennessee divorce laws permit a spouse to file for divorce based on a no-fault or fault-based ground. When filing for a no-fault divorce, both spouses must agree to the divorce and must have lived separately for a minimum of two consecutive years. However, if the divorce is based on fault-based grounds, such as adultery or cruelty, there is no waiting period required.

Property Division in Tennessee

Tennessee is an “equitable distribution” state. In other words, judges will divide marital property equitably, but not necessarily equally. When deciding on property division, a judge will consider a variety of factors, such as:

  • The length of the marriage
  • The age and physical condition of each spouse
  • The economic and financial status of each spouse at the time of divorce
  • The contribution of each spouse to the acquisition, preservation, and appreciation of the marital property
  • The value of any separate property, such as assets owned by each spouse before the marriage
  • The tax consequences of the property division

It is important to note that only marital property is subject to division. Separate property, such as inheritances or gifts, is not subject to division. However, if a spouse’s separate and marital property are combined or commingled, it may become subject to division in a divorce.

To illustrate the property division process, here is an example: John and Amy have been married for ten years and decide to divorce. During the marriage, John worked as an engineer while Amy stayed home to care for their children. They bought a house together and had several joint accounts. However, John also inherited his grandmother’s jewelry that he kept in a safe deposit box in his name only. In this case, the judge may consider the contributions of both spouses to the acquisition of the joint property and may award a larger share of the property to Amy. John’s jewelry is considered separate property and will not be subject to division.

Child Custody in Tennessee

Child custody is often the most contentious issue in a divorce proceeding, and Tennessee courts’ top priority is the best interests of the child. Tennessee recognizes two types of custody: physical custody and legal custody.

Physical custody refers to where the child resides, and legal custody pertains to the right to make important decisions involving the child’s upbringing, such as education, healthcare, and religion. Tennessee courts typically award joint custody, providing both parents with an equal say in the child’s life.

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When deciding on child custody, judges consider a wide range of factors such as:

  • The child’s age, sex, and mental and physical health
  • The parents’ physical and emotional health
  • Each parent’s ability to care for the child
  • The child’s relationship with siblings and grandparents
  • The child’s adjustment to the home, school, and community

Tennessee allows parents to develop their parenting plan. If the parents cannot agree on a parenting plan, the judge will create a plan based on the best interests of the child.


Divorce is often a difficult and emotional process, and understanding Tennessee divorce laws can help make the process smoother. Having a knowledgeable divorce attorney can help ensure your interests are protected and a just and equitable resolution is reached. By understanding the grounds for divorce, property division, and child custody laws in Tennessee, you can be better prepared for the divorce proceedings.

The benefits of hiring a local Franklin TN divorce attorney

Going through a divorce can be a stressful and emotional experience. It is important to have an experienced divorce attorney who can guide you through the complicated legal process and protect your interests. Hiring a local Franklin TN divorce attorney can provide you with numerous benefits that will ensure a smoother and more successful outcome. In this article, we will discuss the key advantages of hiring a local divorce attorney in Franklin TN.

Expert knowledge of local laws and regulations

Divorce laws and regulations can vary from state to state and even from county to county. Hiring a local Franklin TN divorce attorney who is familiar with the local laws and regulations can give you an advantage in your case. Your attorney will be able to provide you with personalized and specific advice based on the local laws, ensuring that you are well-informed and can make informed decisions throughout the case. Moreover, a local attorney will have a good understanding of the local court system and its judges. This familiarity can be useful when developing a legal strategy and negotiating a settlement.

Access to local resources and professional networks

A local Franklin TN divorce attorney will have access to a broad professional network of local resources that can be useful during the divorce proceedings. These resources may include financial and tax advisors, real estate professionals, and mental health experts. Moreover, your local attorney may also have established relationships with local mediators and arbitrators, which can be helpful in resolving disputes outside the courtroom. All of these resources can be instrumental in obtaining a favorable outcome in your case.

Personalized attention and accessibility

One of the most important benefits of hiring a local Franklin TN divorce attorney is the personalized attention and accessibility they offer. As compared to larger firms or attorneys located farther away, local attorneys often have a smaller caseload, which means they can give individual attention to each client. You can expect to have regular communication with your local attorney, and they will be available to answer your questions and provide you with the support you need throughout your case. This level of accessibility and personalized attention can give you peace of mind during a stressful time and ensure that your interests are protected.

Comparison Table: Local vs Non-Local Divorce Attorneys

Local Divorce Attorneys Non-Local Divorce Attorneys
Expert knowledge of local laws and regulations Yes No
Access to local resources and professional networks Yes No
Personalized attention and accessibility Yes No
Travel expenses No Yes
Possible language barrier No Yes
  • Local divorce attorneys will have a better understanding of the local judicial system, leading to better legal strategies and negotiations.
  • By working with local resources, your attorney will have a better understanding of local financial and real estate issues that may arise during the divorce proceedings.
  • A local attorney will have more time to devote to your case, leading to more accessible and personalized attention.
  • Travel expenses can be avoided when working with a local attorney, leading to fewer expenses overall.
  • If you are working with an out-of-town attorney, you may encounter language barriers if they are not proficient in your local dialect.

In conclusion, hiring a local Franklin TN divorce attorney can provide you with numerous benefits and advantages during your divorce proceedings. From expert knowledge of local laws to access to local resources and personalized attention, your local attorney can ensure that your interests are protected throughout the divorce process. By working with a local attorney, you can rest assured that you have an experienced and knowledgeable advocate on your side.

Finding the Right Divorce Attorney in Franklin TN

Going through a divorce can be a stressful and emotional time, and finding the right divorce attorney can make all the difference in achieving a favorable outcome. In Franklin TN, there are numerous divorce attorneys to choose from, making it important to do your research and find the right one for your unique situation.

Experience and Expertise

One of the most important factors to consider when finding a divorce attorney is their experience and expertise in the field. Look for an attorney who specializes in divorce and family law, and has a track record of successfully handling cases similar to yours. A good divorce attorney should be able to answer any questions you have and provide guidance throughout the entire process.

Interesting Fact: Divorce rates in Tennessee have been decreasing over the past decade, with the most recent data showing a rate of 2.6 divorces per 1,000 people in the state.

Communication and Availability

When you’re going through a divorce, communication is key. It’s important to find an attorney who is responsive and available to answer your questions or concerns. Look for an attorney who communicates clearly and regularly, and who is willing to work with you to reach a solution that works best for you and your family.

Real World Example: Sarah was going through a divorce and was having a difficult time getting in touch with her attorney. After several unanswered calls and emails, she decided to switch to a new attorney who was more responsive and communicative. Sarah felt much more at ease working with an attorney who was available and willing to keep her informed every step of the way.

Fee Structure and Costs

Divorce can be expensive, and finding a divorce attorney who fits within your budget is important. Look for an attorney who is transparent about their fee structure and costs, and who is willing to provide an estimate of the total cost up front. Some attorneys charge by the hour, while others may charge a flat fee for their services. Consider your budget and what you can afford, and choose an attorney who provides good value for their services.

Table: Pros and Cons of Hourly vs. Flat Fee Billing

Pros Cons
Hourly Billing: Flat Fee Billing:
  • Can be more cost-effective for simple cases
  • Provides more transparency into expenses
  • Attorney can focus on specific tasks
  • Can be more expensive for complex cases
  • Less transparency into total cost
  • Attorney may be less incentivized to work efficiently

Reputation and Reviews

One way to gauge an attorney’s level of expertise and overall reputation is to check their online reviews or ask for referrals from friends or family members. Look for an attorney with positive reviews and testimonials from previous clients, and who has a reputation for being professional and successful in handling divorce cases.

Case Study: John was hesitant to hire an attorney for his divorce, but after researching and reading reviews for several attorneys in the area, he decided to reach out to one with numerous positive reviews. He ultimately hired that attorney and was happy with their level of expertise and professionalism throughout the entire process.

In conclusion, finding the right divorce attorney in Franklin TN requires thorough research and consideration of several factors, including experience, communication, costs, and reputation. By taking the time to choose the right attorney, you can increase your chances of achieving a favorable outcome and moving on to a new chapter in your life.

The importance of communication with your Franklin TN divorce attorney

Divorce is a stressful and emotionally charged process, and the thought of having to communicate with your attorney on a regular basis can often feel overwhelming. However, effective communication with your divorce attorney in Franklin, TN is crucial in ensuring that your needs are met and your legal rights are protected. In this article, we will discuss the importance of communication and offer tips on how to effectively communicate with your Franklin TN divorce attorney.

Why effective communication is important

Effective communication with your divorce attorney in Franklin TN is important for several reasons.

  • To be informed: Communication is the key to staying informed about the status of your case. You need to be aware of the legal procedures, negotiations, and progress of your case. Your lawyer should be able to answer your doubts and queries in a timely and efficient manner.
  • To build trust: Building trust with your attorney is crucial to ensure that your case is handled properly. Communication fosters a trusting relationship, which allows for frank discussions and more effective representation. It is crucial to be honest with your attorney regarding all relevant facts of your case, even if these facts may be embarrassing or difficult to disclose.
  • To minimize surprises: Regular communication with your attorney can help you to identify and address potential issues before they become big problems. Keeping your attorney informed may lead to a better evaluation of your case and better strategies for resolution or settlement.
  • To ensure a successful outcome: By keeping your attorney informed by means of effective communication, you can help ensure that you obtain the best possible outcome in your divorce. You can also feel more in control of your case, which may reduce anxiety and stress throughout the process.
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Tips for effective communication with your Franklin TN divorce attorney

Effective communication involves more than simply picking up the phone or sending an email. It is important to communicate in a way that provides clear, concise information and avoids misunderstandings. Below are some tips for effective communication with your Franklin TN divorce attorney:

  • Let your attorney know what you expect from the relationship: Make sure your attorney understands your communication expectations, including how often you would like to receive updates and in what format. Discuss your goals for the case and your priorities and keep your attorney informed about any changes in your lifestyle, living arrangements, or income.
  • Listen carefully: Listen carefully to what your attorney is saying and ask questions if you do not understand. Make sure to digest and reflect on the information provided and come back to your attorney with thoughtful responses.
  • Be honest: Be honest with your attorney about your financial situation, your assets, liabilities, and any other relevant information. Your attorney needs to understand your situation to be able to represent you properly.
  • Keep all communication in writing: If you have a discussion with your attorney, make sure to follow it up with an email that summarizes the conversation agreed upon. This will ensure that there is a clear record of all communications that can help avoid misunderstandings in the future.
  • Respect attorneys time: It is important to remember that divorces can be time-consuming, and attorneys have other clients to represent. Therefore, it is important to respect the time of your attorney and understand that their inability to respond immediately may not mean that your issues are not important.


Effective communication with your divorce attorney in Franklin TN is crucial in ensuring that your needs are met, your legal rights are protected, and that you obtain the best possible outcome in your divorce. By implementing the tips outlined in this article, you can communicate with your attorney in a way that is clear, concise, and effective – making your divorce process less complicated and more manageable.

Pros Cons
  • Better Informed
  • Building Trust
  • Minimizes surprises
  • Successful Outcome
  • Expensive
  • Time-consuming
  • May lead to frustration

Franklin TN divorce mediation: An alternative to court

Divorce can be one of the most emotionally and financially taxing experiences for a couple. If you live in Franklin TN and are considering a divorce, you may be wondering if there are alternatives to going to court. Fortunately, divorce mediation is an option that has been gaining popularity in recent years. In this article, we will explore the benefits of divorce mediation and how it can assist you in overcoming the challenges that come with divorce.

What is divorce mediation?

Divorce mediation is a process where a neutral third party, the mediator, helps facilitate the negotiation between two parties to reach a resolution in a divorce case. The mediator’s job is not to make decisions for you but rather to guide the conversation to help you come to an agreement that is satisfactory to both parties. Through mediation, couples can make decisions about division of property, child custody and visitation, spousal support, and other important issues.

How does divorce mediation work?

In divorce mediation, both parties work together with the mediator to come to a decision that they both agree upon. The mediator will help facilitate conversations and provide guidance on legal matters. It is important to note that the mediator does not make any decisions for either party, and the decisions reached in mediation are not legally binding until they are presented to the court and approved.

What are the benefits of divorce mediation?

There are several benefits to divorce mediation, including:

  • Cost-effective – Divorce mediation is often less expensive than going to court.
  • Time-efficient – Mediation can often be completed in a shorter amount of time than going through a court case.
  • More control – With mediation, both parties have more control over the outcome of the divorce.
  • Less hostile – Mediation is typically less hostile than going to court and can help to preserve relationships between parties.

    Additionally, mediation can be especially effective for couples with children. Through mediation, parents can work together to create a child custody and visitation arrangement that is in the best interest of their child.

    How does divorce mediation compare to going to court?

    Divorce Mediation Going to Court
    Cost Less expensive More expensive
    Time Shorter time Longer time
    Outcome Both parties have more control over the outcome Judge makes the final decision
    Hostility Less hostile Typically more hostile
    Child Custody/Visitation Parents work together to create an arrangement in the child’s best interest Judge makes the final decision

    As illustrated in the table above, divorce mediation offers several advantages over going to court. It is often more cost-effective and less time-consuming than going to court. Additionally, both parties have more control over the outcome of the divorce and can work together to create a child custody and visitation arrangement that is in the best interest of their child. Mediation is typically less hostile and can help to preserve relationships between the parties, which is especially important when children are involved.

    Is divorce mediation the right choice for me?

    Divorce mediation may not be appropriate for everyone. If there is a history of abuse or any other circumstances that may make it difficult to negotiate directly with your spouse, mediation may not be the best choice. However, in most cases, mediation can be a beneficial alternative to going to court.

    In conclusion, divorce mediation is a viable alternative for couples considering divorce in Franklin TN. It offers several advantages, including being less expensive, less time-consuming, and less hostile than going to court. Mediation also allows both parties to have more control over the outcome of the divorce, and can be especially effective in creating a child custody and visitation arrangement that is in the best interest of the child. If you are considering divorce, we encourage you to consider mediation as an option that might work for you.

    Protecting your assets in a Franklin TN divorce

    When it comes to a divorce, protecting your assets can be a significant concern. Assets could be anything from real estate property to antique collections, and it is essential to safeguard them. In the state of Tennessee, any asset acquired during the marriage is typically considered marital property, with each spouse being entitled to half of it. Therefore, it is crucial to take measures that protect your interests from being overlooked in the divorce settlement.

    The division of assets in a Franklin TN divorce

    In the state of Tennessee, there are three primary methods of dividing assets during a divorce – mediation, collaborative law, and litigation. In mediation, both parties work together to come up with a settlement agreement that is in their best interests. In the collaborative method, both parties work together with a team of attorneys, financial advisors, and other professionals to come up with a settlement. In litigation, the division of assets is decided by a judge, often resulting in a less satisfactory outcome for both parties.

    Pre-Marital Agreement

    The best way to protect your assets in a divorce is to have a prenuptial agreement before getting married. A prenuptial agreement is a legally binding document that outlines how assets and property will be divided in case of a divorce. In such agreements, both parties must fully disclose their assets and liabilities, and both parties should have separate attorneys representing them. Such agreements protect and preserve premarital assets, and financial investments made during the marriage.

    Asset Tracing

    Asset tracing is the process of identifying and locating assets, determining their value, and determining whether they are marital or separate property. If you can prove that certain assets, like investments and inheritance, weren’t meant to be shared between both parties, then they may be considered separate property. Asset tracing is a complex process and requires a thorough understanding of finances, paperwork, and legal documentation. It is advisable to hire an experienced divorce attorney who can help you in the asset tracing process.

    Get professional valuations

    When it comes to asset division in a divorce settlement, the valuation of assets such as a business or a real estate property is often a point of contention. To avoid being shortchanged, make sure that you get a professional valuation in a divorce case. Obtaining a professional valuation for all significant assets ensures that each asset’s value is accurately calculated, and both parties receive their fair share of the total value.

    Retain separate accounts and records

    To make asset tracking easier during a divorce, it is prudent to maintain separate accounts and records for your separate assets, including your premarital assets. Doing so can help avoid confusion between what is individual property and what is marital property. It also helps prevent accusations of hiding assets.

    Consider choosing alternative dispute resolutions

    Alternative Dispute Resolution methods such as mediation or collaborative divorce are usually more cost-effective compared to a divorce trial or litigation. In these methods, the couple will have more control over the outcome of their settlement since it is not in the hands of a judge. Moreover, it helps preserve relationships between spouses, especially when children are involved.


    Protecting your assets in a Franklin TN divorce is essential. There are several steps you can take to protect your interests, from retaining separate accounts and records to choosing alternative dispute resolution methods like mediation, and collaborative divorce. It is highly advisable to seek the counsel of an experienced family law attorney who will guide you through the process of protecting your assets, ensuring that you receive a fair and equitable outcome in the divorce settlement.

    Navigating Child Custody in a Franklin TN Divorce

    A divorce can be a difficult and emotional time for all parties involved, especially when children are involved. Navigating child custody in a Franklin TN divorce can be particularly challenging, but with the right information and guidance, you can help ensure the best outcomes for your family.

    Understanding Child Custody Laws in Franklin TN

    Before diving into the details of child custody, it’s essential to know the laws that dictate it in Franklin TN. The state’s Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction and Enforcement Act determines which state has jurisdiction over a child custody case. This law also sets out the guidelines for child custody arrangements, including considerations for the child’s best interests, such as:

    • The relationship between the child and each parent
    • The physical and emotional health of each parent and the child
    • The child’s connections to siblings or other family members
    • Any evidence of domestic violence, abuse, or neglect

    Types of Child Custody in Franklin TN

    There are different types of child custody arrangements available in Franklin TN, and understanding them can help you select the most suitable option for your family. These include:

    1. Joint Custody
    2. Joint custody means that both parents share legal and physical custody of the child. It’s often considered the best option since it allows the child to have a meaningful relationship with both parents.

    3. Sole Custody
    4. In sole custody, one parent has legal and physical custody of the child, and the other parent may have parenting time or visitation rights. This arrangement is suitable if one parent is deemed unfit or unable to care for the child.

    5. Split Custody
    6. Split custody divides multiple children between the parents. For example, one child may live with one parent, while the others live with the other parent.

    7. Bird’s Nest Custody
    8. Bird’s nest custody involves the child staying in the family home, while the parents take turns living there and caring for the child. It can be a costly and difficult arrangement to maintain, but it helps lessen the disruption to the child’s life.

    The Child Custody Process in Franklin TN

    The process of determining child custody in Franklin TN involves multiple steps and can be lengthy. Here are the steps involved in the process:

    1. Filing a Petition
    2. Either parent can file a petition for child custody in the court located in the county where the child primarily resides.

    3. Attending a Court Hearing
    4. Both parents will be required to attend a court hearing, where they can present their case and evidence to support their request for custody.

    5. Mediation or Evaluation
    6. The judge may require mediation or evaluation to determine child custody arrangements fully. A mediator may help the parents reach an agreement on child custody that they are both comfortable with. Or an evaluator may be assigned to interview the parents, the child, and anyone else they deem necessary to determine the child’s best interests.

    7. Court Order
    8. If the parents can’t reach an agreement, the judge will issue a court order determining child custody, including terms for visitation, support, and any other necessary provisions.

    The Role of a Child Custody Attorney

    Navigating child custody in a Franklin TN divorce can be daunting, but hiring the right child custody attorney can help ensure your rights are protected and your child’s interests are prioritized. A child custody attorney can help you:

    • Understand the laws governing child custody in Franklin TN
    • Prepare and file court documents
    • Negotiate with the other parent and their attorney
    • Represent you in court


    Child custody is a crucial issue in a divorce where children are involved. It’s essential to understand the laws and options available in Franklin TN to recommend the best setup that prioritizes the child’s interests. A child custody attorney can provide guidance, support, and legal representation that can make the process less stressful and help achieve a positive outcome.

    Pros of Joint Custody Cons of Joint Custody
    Allows the child to have a meaningful relationship with both parents Can be difficult to coordinate schedules and activities between the two households
    Both parents share legal and physical custody One parent might end up feeling neglected or frustrated with the arrangement
    Lessens the impact on the child’s life and routine Can lead to disagreements between the parents over parenting styles and decisions

    Real World Examples and Case Studies

    In 2019, a Franklin TN couple went through a highly publicized divorce where child custody became a significant issue. The couple had two children together, and they initially agreed on a joint custody arrangement. However, the couple couldn’t agree on parenting time and visitation arrangements, which led to a court battle. After a lengthy legal process, the couple reached an agreement where one parent has primary physical custody, and the other has visitation rights.

    Another case involved a Franklin TN mother who filed for sole custody due to the father’s substance abuse issues. After presenting evidence and legal arguments in court, the judge granted the mother sole custody and limited visitation rights for the father until he successfully completed a drug rehabilitation program.

    These cases illustrate how crucial it is to have adequate legal representation and understanding of child custody laws in Franklin TN.

    FAQs about Divorce Attorney Franklin TN

    What does a divorce attorney do?

    A divorce attorney assists clients through the legal process of ending a marriage. This includes negotiating with the other spouse’s attorney, filing paperwork, and representing the client in court if necessary.

    Why is it important to hire a divorce attorney?

    Hiring a divorce attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected and that the process is handled efficiently. An attorney can also provide objective advice and help you make informed decisions.

    What services does a divorce attorney offer?

    A divorce attorney offers a variety of services, including legal advice, mediation or negotiation, representation in court, and assistance with paperwork and legal filings.

    What should I look for in a divorce attorney?

    When choosing a divorce attorney, it is important to look for someone who has experience, is responsive and communicative, and who you feel comfortable with. It is also important to consider their fees and billing practices.

    How much does a divorce attorney cost?

    The cost of a divorce attorney varies depending on a variety of factors, including location, experience, and the complexity of the case. Some attorneys charge a flat fee, while others charge by the hour.

    Do I need to live in Franklin TN to hire a divorce attorney in the area?

    No, you do not need to live in Franklin TN to hire a divorce attorney in the area. However, it may be more convenient to work with an attorney who is local to you.

    What should I expect during the divorce process?

    The divorce process can vary depending on the specific circumstances of the case. Generally, it involves filing paperwork, negotiating a settlement or going to trial, and finalizing the divorce decree.

    How long does a divorce typically take?

    The length of a divorce can vary depending on the complexity of the case and whether or not the parties are able to reach a settlement. Some divorces can be completed in a few months, while others can take a year or more.

    Can I get a divorce without hiring an attorney?

    It is possible to get a divorce without hiring an attorney, but it is generally not recommended. Divorce can be a complex legal process, and having an attorney can help ensure that your rights are protected.

    What if my spouse and I are in agreement about the divorce?

    If you and your spouse are in agreement about the divorce, it may be possible to avoid going to court and instead negotiate a settlement agreement. In this case, it is still recommended to work with an attorney to ensure that all legal requirements are met and your rights are protected.


    If you are considering a divorce in Franklin TN, it is important to understand the legal process and your rights. Working with a divorce attorney can help ensure that your interests are protected and that the process runs smoothly. When choosing an attorney, it is important to consider their experience, communication skills, and fees. If you are in agreement with your spouse about the divorce, it may be possible to negotiate a settlement outside of court. After reading this article, you should have a better understanding of what to expect and how to approach the process. Good luck!