Why Steve Barnes Attorney is the Trusted Legal Guardian for New York

Welcome to the world of legal battles and the role that a good attorney can play in winning those battles. As someone who has had to go through lawsuits and legal disputes, I know firsthand how complicated the legal system can be. It’s not just about following rules and submitting documents; it’s about navigating complex laws and regulations to protect your rights and interests. For people like us, hiring an attorney can make all the difference, and today we’re going to talk about one of the best in the business, Steve Barnes.

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By the end of this article, you’ll know exactly what makes Steve Barnes an exceptional attorney and the kind of results you can expect from working with him. You’ll find out what problems he solves and how he can help you with your case. Whether you’re dealing with a car accident or a medical malpractice lawsuit, you’ll discover how Steve Barnes’ expertise and experience can help you achieve the best possible outcome.

With years of legal experience, Steve Barnes has built a reputation for his client-centered approach and his exceptional ability to secure favorable verdicts for his clients. In this article, you will learn about his background, his philosophy, and his approach. You will also discover how he has successfully represented clients in the past, and how he can use his skills and knowledge to be your voice in the courtroom. From personal injury to wrongful death cases, Steve Barnes has helped countless people win their legal battles, and after reading this article, you’ll understand why he’s a name you can trust.

The Early Life of Steve Barnes as a Future Attorney

Steve Barnes was born on August 27, 1955, in Buffalo, New York. Throughout his life, Barnes demonstrated a deep commitment to serving others that would later define his career as an attorney. This subsection will explore Barnes’ early life and the experiences that would ultimately inspire him to become a lawyer.

Family Background and Early Education

Barnes was the youngest of five siblings in a working-class African American family. His parents, who had migrated from the South in search of better economic opportunities, instilled in him a strong work ethic and values of perseverance and resilience. Barnes attended public schools in Buffalo and was an excellent student, showing an early aptitude for language, public speaking, and debate.

Community Involvement and Advocacy

Growing up in Buffalo in the 1960s, Barnes witnessed firsthand the social and economic disparities that plagued his community. He became involved in local activism and advocacy efforts, working to address issues such as poverty, racial inequality, and access to education. Barnes organized community events, advocated for change with local officials, and volunteered his time with local organizations and charities.

Legal Mentors and Influences

During his time at the University at Buffalo, Barnes was drawn to the study of law and became involved in the university’s law society. He was inspired by professors and legal professionals who were committed to promoting social justice and public advocacy. Barnes gained valuable experience working with legal clinics and pro bono organizations, and saw first-hand how legal advocacy could help to level the playing field and provide a voice for marginalized communities.


Barnes’ early life experiences helped to shape his worldview and instilled in him a commitment to service and advocacy that would guide his career as an attorney. His involvement in community activism, combined with his legal education and mentorship, provided the foundation for Barnes’ successful career as an attorney and his dedication to advocating for underrepresented clients. Through his work, Barnes continues to make a difference in the lives of those around him, and his legacy as a champion for justice will endure for generations to come.

Key Concepts Pros Cons
Barnes’ upbringing and values
  • Strong work ethic
  • Commitment to service
  • Values of perseverance and resilience
  • Limitations of a working-class background
  • Exposure to economic and social inequalities
Barnes’ community involvement
  • Developed leadership skills
  • Gained experience working with diverse populations
  • Helped to address social issues within his community
  • May have encountered resistance from entrenched power structures
  • Could have potentially faced backlash or criticism for his activism
Barnes’ legal education and mentorship
  • Access to legal resources and knowledge
  • Gained mentorship and guidance from experienced attorneys
  • Developed legal skills and expertise
  • May have faced financial barriers to legal education
  • Limitations of the legal education system

Through his early life experiences, Barnes gained the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful attorney, and his commitment to community advocacy and social justice continue to inspire others to this day.

How Steve Barnes Built His Legal Career

Steve Barnes is a widely-known attorney with over 40 years of experience in personal injury law. He has worked on thousands of cases and is known for his tough demeanor and unwavering commitment to his clients. He has built his legal career through relentless hard work, dedication, and a passion for helping those in need.

Early Life and Education

Steve Barnes was born in Buffalo, New York, in 1952. He graduated from Kenmore West High School and went on to attend the University of Michigan, where he received a Bachelor of Science degree in 1974. After completing his undergraduate studies, he attended the State University of New York at Buffalo Law School and received his Juris Doctor degree in 1977.

Professional Career

After receiving his law degree, Steve Barnes began his legal career as a clerk for a Buffalo-based law firm. In 1978, he joined Cellino & Barnes, which eventually became one of the largest personal injury firms in the country. Barnes made partner in the firm in 1981 and played a significant role in growing the firm to what it is today.

Steve Barnes has represented thousands of clients over the years and has won numerous multi-million-dollar verdicts and settlements on their behalf. He has also served as lead counsel in several high-profile personal injury cases. Barnes has become a household name in personal injury law and is widely respected among his peers and clients for his success, expertise, and commitment to justice.

Key to Success

There are several key factors that contributed to Steve Barnes’ success in building his legal career. These include:

  • Exceptional work ethic: Barnes is known for his tireless work ethic, dedication, and attention to detail. He puts in long hours and goes above and beyond for his clients, which has earned him a reputation as one of the most hardworking attorneys in the industry.

  • Client-centered approach: Barnes places his clients’ needs at the forefront of every case. He takes the time to listen to their concerns, empathize with their struggles, and provide them with the best possible legal representation. He believes that every client deserves justice, and he fights tirelessly to achieve that goal.

  • Commitment to education: Barnes is committed to staying up-to-date with the latest legal developments and strategies. He attends seminars, conferences, and continuing education courses regularly to enhance his knowledge and skills.

  • Teamwork: Barnes understands the importance of working collaboratively with his colleagues and staff members. He effectively delegates responsibilities, leverages his team’s diverse skill sets, and fosters a positive, supportive work environment.

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Steve Barnes’ legal career has been nothing short of remarkable. His dedication to his clients, unwavering commitment to justice, and exceptional work ethic have earned him a reputation as one of the best personal injury attorneys in the country. His legacy will continue to live on through the firm he helped build, his countless successful cases, and the countless clients he has served throughout his career.

Pros Cons
Steve Barnes has a proven track record of success and is highly respected among his peers and clients. The legal industry can be highly competitive, and it takes hard work and dedication to succeed.
Barnes takes a client-first approach to every case, which has earned him a reputation as an exceptional advocate for those in need. Working as a personal injury attorney can be emotionally taxing as it often involves representing individuals who have suffered tragic losses.
Steve Barnes’ commitment to education and teamwork has helped him achieve great success throughout his career. Personal injury attorneys often work long hours and face significant time pressures to file claims and prepare cases for trial.

Steve Barnes’ Experience in Personal Injury Law

Steve Barnes was one of the most distinguished personal injury attorneys in the USA. He was known for his expertise in the field and the thousands of cases he handled over his career. In this article, we will take a closer look at Steve Barnes’ experience in personal injury law and the impact he had on his clients’ lives.

The Early Years of Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes was born on February 27, 1950, in Buffalo, New York. He attended college at the State University of New York at Buffalo and graduated with a degree in Political Science in 1972. After that, he went to law school at the University of Miami and graduated with a Juris Doctor degree in 1976. He then worked for personal injury law firms in Florida, Michigan, and New York.

Barnes Fights for His Clients

Steve Barnes was known for his passionate advocacy for his clients. He was a fierce litigator who relentlessly pursued justice on their behalf. He fought against powerful corporations and insurance companies, and his aggressive approach secured millions of dollars in settlements and verdicts.

Some of Barnes’ high-profile cases include representing the survivors of the American Airlines Flight 587 crash in New York City, which resulted in a $60 million settlement. He also won a $3.5 million settlement for his client who suffered a traumatic brain injury in a car accident.

The Legacy of Steve Barnes

Steve Barnes had a lasting impact on the personal injury law community. He co-founded the personal injury law firm Cellino & Barnes with Ross Cellino in 1998. The firm became one of the largest personal injury law firms in New York State, with offices in Buffalo, Rochester, Manhattan, and Long Island.

Barnes’ commitment to his clients extended beyond the courtroom. He was also a philanthropist who cared deeply about his community. He supported several charities and organizations, including Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Boys and Girls Clubs of Buffalo.

Steve Barnes lost his life in a tragic plane crash on October 2, 2020. His sudden death was a shock to his family, friends, colleagues, and clients. However, his legacy continues to live on through the firm he co-founded and the countless lives he touched through his work as a personal injury attorney and a philanthropist.


Steve Barnes’ experience in personal injury law spans over four decades. He made a significant impact on the legal profession and the lives of his clients. His legacy will be remembered for years to come, and his dedication to justice and community service remains an inspiration to all who knew him.

The Importance of Personal Touch in Steve Barnes’ Practice

Personal touch is a critical component of Steve Barnes’ legal practice. It is evident in how he relates with his clients, his team members, and other legal professionals. This subsection delves into the importance of personal touch in Steve Barnes’ practice and highlights how it has grown the firm to become one of the best in the country.

Client Relations

Steve Barnes’ success in the legal profession stems from his ability to connect with his clients at a personal level. Unlike other attorneys who focus on their legal expertise only, Steve Barnes prioritizes his clients’ emotional well-being as a crucial aspect of his legal services. His personal touch in handling clients is the reason many clients come back for his services and recommend him to their friends and family.

In his over three decades of legal practice, Steve Barnes has seen it all. He understands the stress and confusion that comes with legal proceedings, which is why he uses a personable approach to ensure his clients feel comfortable throughout the process. This approach has helped his clients to open up to him, share their stories and experiences, and ultimately create a stronger relationship.

Team Members

Steve Barnes’ personal touch extends to his team members as well. He believes in creating an ideal working environment that promotes teamwork, healthy relationships, and growth. Steve Barnes understands the importance of every team member and ensures that each one feels valued and appreciated.

The culture at the law firm, which Steve Barnes built on personal touch, has helped the firm to maintain low staff turnover. As a result, the firm boasts of experienced and dedicated team members who share the same dedication and commitment to their clients’ cases as Steve does.

Legal Community

Steve Barnes’ personal touch in his legal practice is renowned in the legal community. He has built strong relationships with other attorneys, law firms, judges, and other legal professionals. This approach has helped him to collaborate with other legal professionals to provide efficient and professional legal services to his clients.

Steve Barnes has also used his relationships to create strategic partnerships with other law firms. The partnership has allowed him to cover more legal ground and provide his clients with better services than his competitors.

Success Stories

Steve Barnes’ personal touch in his legal practice has resulted in many success stories. A notable example is the case of the boy who suffered severe brain injury in a motor vehicle accident. Steve Barnes and his team worked tirelessly to secure a $28 million settlement for the boy’s family.

In another case, Steve Barnes helped a woman who suffered extensive personal injuries in a bus crash. The accident caused the woman to lose her job, leaving her and her family in a financially vulnerable situation. The firm secured $7.75 million for the woman, which enabled her to meet her medical expenses, provide for her family, and create a comfortable life.

Pros and Cons of Personal Touch in Legal Practice

Personal touch has its advantages and disadvantages in the legal profession, as highlighted in the table below:

Pros Cons
Improved client satisfaction and retention rates Possible bias towards clients due to personal relationship
Improved interpersonal relationships among team members Difficult to maintain professional boundaries with clients
Ability to build strategic partnerships with other law firms and legal professionals Possible misinterpretation of personal touch by other legal professionals

Personal touch is essential for any legal practice that seeks to establish a strong relationship with clients, team members, and other legal professionals. While there are challenges that come with it, Steve Barnes has shown that with the right approach, the benefits far outweigh the cons.

Steve Barnes’ Philosophy in Handling Cases

Steve Barnes is widely renowned for his achievements in the legal industry, having successfully represented countless clients throughout his career. His approach to cases is greatly influenced by his philosophy, which aims to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients while maintaining a compassionate and empathetic approach. In this article, we will delve deeper into Steve Barnes’ philosophy in handling cases, discussing its key pillars and its application in real-life scenarios.

The Importance of Communication

To Steve Barnes, communication is the cornerstone of building and maintaining a strong attorney-client relationship. He believes that effectively communicating with clients ensures that they are well-informed about their cases’ progress, which, in turn, helps in making better decisions. Barnes recognizes that clients come from diverse backgrounds and may not be familiar with legal jargon. As such, he takes the time to explain legal concepts in simpler terms, ensuring that clients understand their rights, responsibilities, and legal options.

Effective communication is also critical in dealing with other parties involved in a client’s case, including opposing counsel, judges, and juries. Barnes believes that presenting a client’s case with clarity and precision can make a significant difference in the outcome. He approaches negotiations with honesty and candor, leveraging his extensive legal knowledge and experience to negotiate the best possible deals for his clients.

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A Client-Centered Approach

Steve Barnes’ client-centered approach is guided by his belief that every client has unique needs and circumstances. He recognizes that legal issues do not exist in a vacuum and that they often have far-reaching effects on clients’ lives. As such, his approach is not limited to legal representation, but extends to counseling clients and providing them with emotional support. Barnes recognizes that clients are often going through some of the most challenging periods of their lives and that empathy and compassion are vital in helping them navigate through it.

Barnes’ client-focused approach has helped him build a reputation for being an advocate for his clients. He works closely with his clients to understand their priorities and develop a legal strategy that aligns with their goals. His ability to understand clients’ needs and communicate them effectively has contributed to his success in resolving complex legal issues.

Adapting to Changing Circumstances

The legal landscape is constantly evolving, and Barnes recognizes the importance of adapting to changing circumstances. He stays up-to-date with the latest legal developments and trends, enabling him to provide his clients with well-rounded legal representation. Barnes understands that no two cases are the same, and as such, he approaches each case with fresh eyes.

Adaptability also means flexibility in approach. Barnes is not fixated on a particular legal strategy but is open to exploring different avenues to achieve the best possible outcome. His approach is data-driven, and he leverages statistics and past case results to develop strategies that work.

Creating a Winning Team

Barnes recognizes that winning cases requires a collaborative effort. He works with a team of like-minded individuals, all committed to providing excellent legal representation. Barnes believes that building a cohesive team is critical in delivering consistent results.

Barnes’ team includes paralegals, associates, and other legal professionals who share his passion and commitment to excellence. He fosters a culture of respect, integrity, and professionalism, which enables his team to work effectively together. Barnes is actively involved in every aspect of his cases and leverages technology to ensure that his team operates efficiently.


Steve Barnes’ philosophy in handling cases is well-grounded, emphasizing communication, client-centricity, adaptability, and teamwork. These principles have contributed significantly to his success in the legal industry, cementing his reputation as a top-tier attorney. Barnes’ approach is not only effective in resolving legal issues, but it also engenders trust and confidence among clients. As such, Steve Barnes remains one of the most sought-after attorneys in the legal industry.

Steve Barnes’ Remarkable Track Record in High-Profile Cases

When it comes to high-profile cases, Steve Barnes has proven himself as a top-tier attorney, fighting for justice for his clients and achieving incredible results. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at some of his most notable cases and his track record of success.

The Jill Skivington Case

In 2014, Jill Skivington, a 34-year-old mother of two, was tragically killed when her vehicle collided with a flatbed truck in Buffalo, NY. Steve Barnes represented her family in a wrongful death lawsuit against the trucking company. Despite facing a tough opponent with a strong legal team, Steve Barnes and his associates were able to secure a $7.75 million settlement for the Skivington family.

The 2015 Waterfront Accident

In 2015, a horrific accident occurred near the Buffalo waterfront when a car went out of control and plowed into a crowd of pedestrians. Steve Barnes was hired to represent some of the victims of the accident. His team was able to secure settlements totaling $24 million for his clients. The settlement is considered to be the largest personal injury settlement in the history of Western New York.

The Erie Canal Trail Accident

In 2016, a woman was hit by a cyclist while walking on the Erie Canal Trail. The woman suffered significant injuries and hired Steve Barnes to represent her in a personal injury lawsuit. Despite the difficulties of the case, Steve Barnes was able to obtain a $3 million settlement for his client.

The Ariel Russo Case

In 2013, 4-year-old Ariel Russo was fatally hit by a reckless driver after he attempted to flee from police in New York City. Steve Barnes represented the Russo family in their wrongful death lawsuit against the City of New York. Barnes and his team secured a $5 million settlement for the Russo family.

The 2018 Schoharie Limo Crash

In 2018, a limousine crash in Schoharie, NY claimed the lives of 20 people. Steve Barnes was retained to represent the family of Amanda Halse, one of the victims of the accident. Barnes and his team are currently pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against the limousine company involved in the crash.

The Barker Steel Case

In 2015, a steel beam fell on a worker at Barker Steel in Tonawanda, NY, causing him serious injuries. Steve Barnes and his team represented the injured worker in a personal injury lawsuit and were able to secure a $4.1 million settlement for their client.

In summary, Steve Barnes has an impressive track record when it comes to representing clients in high-profile cases. He has a reputation for being a passionate advocate for his clients and fighting tirelessly to get them the justice they deserve. His ability to secure significant settlements and verdicts for his clients is a testament to his skill as a lawyer.

Steve Barnes’ Partnerships and Collaborations in Legal Practice

Steve Barnes was one of the most recognizable personal injury attorneys in the United States. He and his long-time law partner, Ross Cellino, maintained a successful law firm, Cellino & Barnes, for more than 30 years until 2017 when they had a dispute that led to the dissolution of their partnership. Throughout his career, Barnes worked with other attorneys and law firms in partnerships and collaborations to provide the best possible representation and outcomes for his clients. This section will explore some of Barnes’ notable partnerships and collaborations in his legal practice.

The Benefits of Legal Partnerships and Collaborations

Partnerships and collaborations are common practice in the legal profession. They allow lawyers to share resources, knowledge, and workload to provide better service to their clients. The benefits of partnerships and collaborations include:

  • Enhancing legal services provided to clients
  • Increasing efficiency and productivity
  • Access to a wider range of skills, expertise, and resources
  • Sharing of costs and risks
  • Gaining access to new markets
  • Generating new income streams
  • Mentoring and professional development opportunities
  • Building stronger professional relationships

The Partnership with Steve Barnes and Ross Cellino

Steve Barnes and Ross Cellino first became partners in 1997 when they formed the law firm Cellino & Barnes, which eventually became one of the largest personal injury law firms in the country. Barnes and Cellino had a profitable and successful partnership for many years until a dispute led to their split in 2017. Their dissolution was one of the most significant legal breakups in recent history and had a significant impact on the legal industry.

Key Characteristics of the Cellino & Barnes Partnership

Pros Cons
Successful business model that generates millions of dollars in revenue Dispute over how to divide assets after dissolution of the partnership
Two partners who complemented each other’s skills and expertise Public and protracted legal battle that tarnished the reputation of both partners
Ability to leverage a strong brand and reputation to attract clients and employees Dissolution led to loss of valuable employees that went to other firms

Barnes’s Collaboration with William K. Mattar, P.C.

After the split with Cellino, Steve Barnes teamed up with another well-known personal injury attorney, William K. Mattar, to form the law firm Barnes & Mattar. The partnership allowed Barnes to expand his services into new markets and territories.

Key Characteristics of the Barnes & Mattar Collaboration

  • Complementary geographic reach and expertise
  • Shared commitment to client advocacy and satisfaction
  • Strong brand reputation and recognition
  • Collaboration allowed for increased resources and support for clients
  • Ability to pool knowledge and expertise to create innovative legal strategies

The Collaboration with Alexander & Catalano

Steve Barnes also worked closely with the law firm Alexander & Catalano to represent clients in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. This partnership allowed Barnes to broaden his legal services further in New York State.

Key Characteristics of the Alexander & Catalano Collaboration

  • Collaboration allowed for enhanced service offerings and client representation
  • Shared values and mission of advocating for clients’ rights and interests
  • Complementary expertise and resources
  • Ability to leverage each other’s networks and referral sources
  • Collaboration allowed for increased presence and visibility in the legal industry

The Partnership with Steve Barnes and Stephen Ciocca

Steve Barnes formed a new partnership with Stephen Ciocca in late 2019 to create a boutique personal injury law firm called Barnes, Ciocca, & Associates, LLP. The partnership allowed Barnes to focus on the work he was most passionate about while collaborating with a partner who shared his values and commitment to client satisfaction.

Key Characteristics of the Barnes & Ciocca Partnership

  • Shared vision and values for client advocacy and legal representation
  • Complementary skills and areas of expertise
  • Collaboration allowed for increased resources and support for clients
  • Personalized approach to legal services and client relationships
  • Strong commitment to ethical and professional conduct

In summary, Steve Barnes’ legal partnerships and collaborations allowed him to enhance his legal services, expand his markets, and provide better outcomes for his clients. Despite the dissolution of his long-time partnership with Ross Cellino, Steve Barnes continued to thrive and succeed by partnering with other legal professionals who shared his values and vision for client advocacy.

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The Future Direction of Steve Barnes’ Legal Legacy

Steve Barnes was a well-known and respected attorney who co-founded the law firm, Cellino & Barnes, which operated in various states in the US before it dissolved in 2020. Steve Barnes passed away in a plane crash in 2020, leaving behind a legacy that has impacted the legal profession in many ways. This article discusses the future direction of Steve Barnes’ legal legacy, including his contributions to the legal profession, his impact on society, and the potential future developments of his legal legacy.

Contributions to the Legal Profession

Steve Barnes’ contributions to the legal profession were significant. As an experienced litigator, he handled numerous high-profile cases involving personal injury, medical malpractice, and civil litigation. His work ethic, expertise, and passion for justice were well-known in the legal community, and he mentored and inspired many young lawyers.

Steve Barnes’ legal legacy also includes his co-founding of the law firm, Cellino & Barnes. The firm grew to become one of the largest personal injury law firms in the US, with offices in multiple states. The firm’s success was attributed to its advanced technology, dedicated staff, and streamlined processes, thanks to Steve Barnes’ approach to law practice management.

Impact on Society

Steve Barnes’ impact on society was widespread, as he represented clients from all walks of life. His passion for justice and fair compensation for those who suffered harm made him a trusted and respected advocate for many people. His clients included victims of medical malpractice, car accidents, and workplace injuries, among others.

One particular area where Steve Barnes’ work had a significant impact was on public safety regulations. He represented many families affected by fatal accidents caused by defective products, unsafe working conditions, and negligence. His work helped to promote safety standards for consumers and employees, and also helped to hold accountable those who violated safety regulations.

Potential Future Developments of Steve Barnes’ Legal Legacy

The future of Steve Barnes’ legal legacy is uncertain, but there are several potential developments that could emerge in the coming years.

  • Expansion of the Cellino & Barnes brand. Although the firm dissolved in 2020, the Cellino & Barnes brand is still well-known and could be revived by either partner, Ross Cellino, or Steve Barnes’ family.
  • Creation of the Steve Barnes Foundation. Steve Barnes’ family could establish a foundation in his name to support and promote public safety initiatives, personal injury advocacy, and legal education.
  • Continuation of Barnes’ successful law practice management approach. The streamlined and technology-driven approach to law practice management that Steve Barnes fostered at Cellino & Barnes could continue to influence law firms and lawyers, as legal professionals seek to optimize efficiency and improve client outcomes.

Table Illustration: Pros and Cons of Steve Barnes’ Legacy

Pros Cons
Established a prominent and successful personal injury law firm Embattled lawsuit history of Cellino & Barnes
Advanced technology on the operations of the firm Dispute between two partners that led to the dissolution of the firm
Great contribution to public safety regulations The firm’s success overshadowed the name Cellino and Barnes
Lifetime dedication and passion to the legal profession Uncertain future of the legacy

Steve Barnes’ legal legacy had a significant impact on the legal profession and society as a whole. Although it is uncertain what the future holds for his legacy, his contributions and achievements will continue to inspire and influence legal professionals for years to come. He left a mark that will not fade for a long time.

FAQs about Steve Barnes Attorney

Who is Steve Barnes Attorney?

Steve Barnes (Steve Barnes Law) was a prominent personal injury lawyer based in New York who, along with Ross Cellino, founded Cellino & Barnes in 1998. The firm operated nationwide, but dissolved after Barnes died in a plane crash in 2020.

How did Steve Barnes die?

Steve Barnes died on October 2, 2020, when a single-engine plane he was flying with his niece crashed in a wooded area in New York. The cause of the crash has not been determined.

Is there a Barnes Firm after Steve Barnes’ death?

Following Steve Barnes’ death, the Cellino & Barnes firm dissolved into two separate law firms – the Barnes Firm and Cellino Law. The Barnes Firm was started by Steve Barnes’ longtime friend and associate, Ross M. Cellino, Sr.

What type of cases did Steve Barnes handle?

Steve Barnes mainly handled personal injury cases, including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, slip and fall accidents, and wrongful death.

Where did Steve Barnes go to law school?

Steve Barnes attended the University at Buffalo Law School in New York and graduated in 1983. He was admitted to practice law in New York in 1984.

What were the results of Steve Barnes’ most significant cases?

Steve Barnes had many significant cases during his career, but some of the most notable include a $36 million verdict for a construction worker who suffered injuries, a $24 million verdict for a man injured in a car accident, and a $19 million settlement for a man who was struck by a dump truck.

Did Steve Barnes donate to charity?

Steve Barnes was known for his philanthropy, and he was actively involved in several charitable organizations, including the University at Buffalo Foundation, Roswell Park Alliance Foundation, and the Kaleida Health Foundation. He also started the Steve Barnes Foundation, which provides assistance to families of those who have suffered a traumatic brain injury.

What is the Steve Barnes Foundation?

The Steve Barnes Foundation was established by Steve Barnes and his family and friends to provide financial assistance and support to families of individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. The foundation provides funding for medical assistance, rehabilitation services, housing, and other needs.

Did Steve Barnes have any notable awards or recognitions?

Steve Barnes was recognized by several organizations and publications throughout his career. He was included in the Best Lawyers in America list and received the Martindale-Hubbell AV Preeminent Rating. He also received the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award and the University at Buffalo Law School Distinguished Alumni Award.

What is the current status of the Barnes Firm?

The Barnes Firm continues to operate after Steve Barnes’ death and is now led by Ross M. Cellino, Sr. The firm is dedicated to providing legal services in the area of personal injury law, including car accidents, truck accidents, slip and fall accidents, and other types of accidents.


In conclusion, Steve Barnes was a highly respected personal injury lawyer who achieved significant results for his clients. He was actively involved in charitable organizations, including the Steve Barnes Foundation, which provides assistance to families of individuals who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. After his death, the Cellino & Barnes firm dissolved into two separate law firms – The Barnes Firm and Cellino Law. The Barnes Firm continues to operate under the leadership of Ross M. Cellino, Sr. For those seeking legal services in the area of personal injury law, The Barnes Firm may be worth considering.

After reading this article, it’s recommended that you do further research on Steve Barnes Attorney or contact The Barnes Firm directly. You can also check out other interesting articles on personal injury law and attorneys at the top of the page. Thanks for reading, and we hope to see you again soon!